biżuteria srebrna, srebro

        Welcome to the website on my workshop.

As far back as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by jewellery. My delight over the beauty of designs and the techniques of manufacturing and my first attempts at it, meeting the right people – to whom I am very grateful for their help – their tips and motivating me, all these things have made me do what I am doing now, and it has become my passion  and in the end obviously – my profession.

Next step -  workshop came into being. It is the place where I carry out very various projects and ideas. Most of them refer to the jewellery of the Early Middle Ages – I am a manufacturer associated in the Early Medieval group, which tries to reconstruct the material and mental culture of  Slavs and Vikings. My works are mostly the copies of Early Medieval archeological finds from the areas of the whole Europe. I manufacture them using just the same techniques as our ancestors from 1000 years ago. A well-thought-out project, sense of beauty and taste are timeless; therefore also nowadays the copies of jewellery from 10 centuries ago can delight with their uniqueness and originality and the fact that they are hand made additionally improves its attractiveness. 

Uniqueness of these items is valued not only by people fascinated with the Early Middle Ages but also by people looking for original items with the soul that you cannot find in a shop, but which arouse interest and delight of the viewers.

In my workshop I put quality before quantity of the items. I always try to advise so that the buyer was satisfied and could enjoy the jewellery from my workshop for many years. I also carry out the projects of art jewellery, either sent to me by my customers or designed by my own.

I sign my works with the trademark:

You can either buy or watch my goods hereunder:

  • on the current website – in your order form, please, give the size of your arm, finger or neck, depending on the item you are ordering
  • by the Internet auction, e.g. srebro78
  • during Early Medieval historical festivals and events all over the Europe
    (look at the map and the pictures below)






                                                            Several photos at work



     If any ideas or observations have crossed your mind after seeing the items from my workshop, please, make me know, I would be very grateful (using the section of ‘Contact’).

I am open to any cooperation (special orders, wholesale orders…)
Best regards

 Bartosz Suzin